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Becky offers workshops and programs tailored for the needs of schools, shuls, Kollels and outreach organizations.  See below for more information.

Based on the tools of Love and Logic and Conscious Discipline, these workshops use Torah as the foundation for bringing out the best in each teacher and empowering them with the tools to bring out the best in each student.


There are many options to bring a training program to your organization:

Don’t just have a Professional Development Day,

have a Professional Development Plan

that will impact the entire year.

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Self-Paced, four-part video workshop series

Full day live workshop -

up to 5 hours of presentation

Skype sessions to follow up with your staff

Parenting Workshops

Join the following schools and organizations that have run training programs with Becky:

Associated Talmud Torahs, Chicago
Bais Yaakov Baltimore

Bais Yaakov Boro Park

Bais Yaakov Queens
Bet Yaakov of the Jersey Shore

Cheder Lubavitch, Chicago
Clifton Cheder, NJ
Congregation Ohr HaTorah, Dallas

Consortium of Jewish Day Schools (CoJDS)
Dallas Area Torah Association
Darchei Torah Far Rockaway

Eitz Chaim Schools, Toronto

Kiddie Korner Preschool & Daycare Center, Brooklyn
North Miami Beach Kollel

Politz Day School Cherry Hill, NJ
Providence Hebrew Day School
Slater Torah Academy, New Orleans

PTACH/Bais Yaakov D'Rav Meir

Special Children's Center, Lakewood
Torah Academy for Girls (TAG) Far Rockaway

Torah Academy of Boca Raton

Torah Day School of Dallas
Torah Day School of Phoenix

Toras Chaim Norfolk

Torah U'Mesorah

West Hollywood Preschool, Hollywood, FL
YACHAD; National Jewish Council for Disabilities

Yeshiva Ketana of Long Island

Yeshiva Ketana of Passaic

Yeshivas Toras Chaim Torah Emes, N. Miami Beach
Yeshivat Torat Emet, Houston, TX

Comprehensive video workshop

Four part video series includes the following topics:

Part One

Building the Foundations of Connections

This opening workshop focuses on establishing a relationship with each student to maximize their readiness to learn. By establishing the roles of the teacher and the student, the teacher sets the stage for responsible decision making and learning.

Part Two

Effective Tools

for the Classroom

Building off of the connection tools of the first workshop, this session goes through a step-by-step plan to identify the four most commonly used, ineffective classroom management techniques and to replace them with easy-to-implement, relationship building tools.

Part Three

The Power of Control

This counter-intuitive approach of strategically giving away control allows teachers to gain more control of their classrooms, eliminate power struggles and focus more on what we are here to do – teach the children.

Part Four

Consequences as a

Tool for Learning

By contrasting punishments and consequences and rules and core values, this workshop utilizes all of the skills of the previous three workshops to create a framework where children take ownership of their decisions. With strong established relationships true learning will prevail.

How Becky's Approach Is Unique

How Becky's Approach Is Unique

Play Video

our School package:

4 Part Video Series for Schools

Four-Part Video Workshop Series:

  1. Building the Foundations of Connections

  2. Effective Tools for Your Classroom

  3. The Power of Control

  4. Consequences as a Tool for Learning


  • Printable Companion Workbooks

  • Goals and Action Plan Worksheets

The videos can be shown to your full staff at back to school meetings and on teacher in-service days, to small groups or to individual teachers.​

The price includes unlimited streaming access for 18 months from the date of purchase in your school for your teachers only.



Becky Udman, using the tools of Love and Logic and inspired by Conscious Discipline, shares with parents, teachers, and administrators how to raise responsible children of all ages while enjoying the process.

Interested in a one-on-one with Becky?

Becky offers private phone consultations for those who want a more personal plan 

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