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Schools and parenting groups around the country (and Canada) have laughed, nodded in agreement, and left feeling empowered with tools to enjoy all of the time they spend connecting and teaching their children and students.

Becky values the time she spends in advance of each full day workshop getting know the schools and parenting groups that she works with to plan a presentation that is unique for the specific needs of their school and community.


A full day workshop consists of up to five hours of presentation time accompanied by a power point presentation that takes teachers into real classrooms and allows them to see their newly acquired tools in action.


Parents enjoy interactive activities and role-plays that allow them to become comfortable with their newly learned tools. Participants in both parenting and teaching workshops receive a companion workbook.

How to bring Becky to you.

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Interested in a one-on-one with Becky?

Becky offers private phone consultations for those who want a more personal plan 

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